Sunday, April 1, 2012

Low-Talkers and Why They Bug Me, you know .... low-talkers?  Mmmmbllbllllmmm talking... but reallyyy.... wish they could say.... mbbbllouder....


Doesn't it make you nuts?  You hear this drone, just below comfortable-listening level.  It drifts into your consciousness.  Then the person looks at you expectantly.
You end up saying, in growing exasperation,

"Pardon me?"

 "What was that?"
 .... mbbbllouder....

.... mbbbllouder....

Finally, you shriek, "WHAT?? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?"

They look at you, raise their eyebrows, and say, oh-so-distinctly, ".... I was saying tha....andmmmmblll over theremmmmbblll withoutll....mmmmmmbbbrlll?"

You might try again.  "So sorry.  There was a noise.  Could you say that a little louder?"

They sigh, roll their eyes, and raise their voices infinitesimally.  "".... I was SAYING tha....andmmmmblll over theremmmmbblll withoutll....mmmmmmbbbrlll?"

 "FINE. Whatever."

If a low-talker thinks I am going to do all the conversational work, THEY HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING.  DID YOU HEAR THAT?  DID YOU???

Thought so. 

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Jenny Hart Boren said...

Not that I for one moment think that there's anything amiss with your hearing, because I am irritated by low-talkers too, but it reminds me of my Mom who complains that she can't hear what we say because we whisper. (She is quite deaf!) She has a hearing aid (two were too confusing) but seldom wears it because it makes things too loud. At 89 she doesn't seem to mind that she misses so much--it's everyone else who wishes she could hear us!

Maybe a few belly breaths and a gentle confession that you truly wish you could understand them, but unfortunately their voices are just too soft. It hands them back the responsibility for being heard; and absolves you because they've been notified.