Monday, October 31, 2011


Today was a half day for the kids at school.  We sat down to lunch together, enjoying the novelty of bologna sandwiches and orange slices in our own kitchen.

Simon and I were just finishing up (Allie had already snarfed up her tuna sandwich), and suddenly he looked at me and said,

"Mama? Do you think that life has meaning?"

Um. Well....

"It's a gweat mystewy, isn't it?  I think that the universe started -- from a COLOR CHEMICAL."

A what?

"A color.  It had so much energy that it exploded in a Big Bang.  Then?  ANOTHER explosion -- a BIGGER BANG -- made the whole universe."

So, if it was a color that started it all, what color was it?

"It was a color that I just discovered now -- in my mind.  It was -- hmm. I'm going to have to name it  'Suthuldu.'  It, at every point, changes into another color."

Wow.  That's an amazing idea. Now, eat your sandwich.


Then.... minutes later

"Mama?  What color was the FIRST black hole?  BEFORE it sucked everything into it?  If it's not all full of matter and energy, it couldn't be black yet, right?"

--mama falls on floor, eyes rolling into her head--

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