Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Color of the Rest of the Universe that is Not Made Yet

Confusing, yet?

Simon (aged 7) asked me,
"Mama? What is the color of the part of the Universe that is not made yet?"

I did that thing where you open your mouth to answer, and you stall out silently, eyes all screwed up, tongue tapping your canine tooth, thoughtful.

"The what?"

"Science teacher said that the Universe is expanding.  Into nothingness.  So, if the Universe is all blackness and planets and stuff, then what color is the UN-made part?"

Tap, tap, tap goes the tongue on the tooth.

"Isn't it black too?"

"No, Mama.  That's the part of the Universe that's already MADE."


"Sounds like a great question to ask your teacher tomorrow.  I have to go lay down in the grass and try not to fall up into the sky now."

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