Friday, October 7, 2011

Were I the Empress of the Universe

Here is a list of rules I would immediately institute, were I in charge of everything (as I should be):

1. No fleas on dogs. Ever.
2. Each 10 years, you get a do-over for some significant event.
3. We each get our own personal roads. 
4. Alcoholic beverages should be full of vitamins.
5. Massage each week.  No charge.
6. Children would like to go to bed.
7. There really would be a laundry fairy.
8. House elves too. 
9. Flowers would grow more easily than crabgrass.

Please note that this is not an inclusive list.  There may be more.


MandaRoo said...

I like number 2. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your number 4 & 5? I totally agree!

PS: I want a kitchen fairy. (My husband already has one, but I'm tired and want a break.)