Sunday, October 30, 2011

Achy and Crap

I've been having issues.  (Shut up.  I know I always have issues.  These are different.)

My left arm.  It hurts.  The upper arm, actually.  It has done this for years.  But now, it barely lets up.  It's like a sort of tiny cramp, deep in the muscle.  I can massage it to no avail.  Ben-Gay has no effect.  Likewise ice or heat.  It just WHINGS me sometimes, and sometimes it wrrrwrrrwrrrBRRROOOPPPlnnngggnnngggs me. 

I think this means I need massages.  Maybe massages by hot Latin non-English-speaking men?  Or a fat Swedish woman.  I don't care.  Just make it STOP.  My doc grimaced and agreed that a random arm pain sucks, but that it probably just means that I overuse it.  Hm. Overuse? My left arm?  That I write with, play flute with, hold all my bags with, operate nearly everything with?  Nah.  It's surely a stroke.  Or maybe a verrry stretched-out prelude to a heart attack?  Even though I've seen my doc very recently? 

Welp, there it is.

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Josi said...

You might have some irritation at your rotator cuff - maybe check out physical therapy? They'll give you exercises specific to your body and needs.

Massages are good, too, but they usually only offer temporary relief. I think it's best to get it checked out, because like you said - you use that arm for everything!