Saturday, November 5, 2011

Five Unfortunately/Fortunatelys

1:  Unfortunately, the fire in the fireplace is dying because I don't want to get up and stoke it.// Fortunately, at the precise moment I typed that, my husband made me get up and do it (it was my turn), so it's now crackling merrily.

2:  Unfortunately, I have to do a concert that I really kind of don't want to do this afternoon. // Fortunately, it'll make people see that I actually DO some of the things I say I'm going to do.

3:  Unfortunately, after the concert, we're taking my son and his 3 best buddies to Chuck E. Cheez for his 8th birthday.  // Fortunately, they now serve WINE.

4:  Unfortunately, the soles of my feet and my heels resemble those of a person who had been lost in a rocky desert, barefoot. // Fortunately, all those calluses makes it easier on me when I go outside in the mornings to get the newspaper, and there is lots of frost on the grass.

5:  Unfortunately, I forgot (while de-decorating from Halloween) to put away the dancing, singing vampire decoration thingy that has been on my mantel for a few weeks.  // Fortunately, .... hm.  I'll just dress him up like a pilgrim for Thanksgiving?

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MandaRoo said...

And santa for Christmas? LOL