Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where IS Everybody?

I am a devout fan of a few blogs, including Rants From Mommyland and Derfwad Manor.  The ladies who write there are impeccably, fantastically wonderful, and the commenters ("ranters" and "derfs," respectively) are supportive, funny, articulate, and loyal. 

I find myself wondering, "where ARE all these amazing women, and when can I have a few of them over for coffee?"
This thought is reflected in the comments too, because so very many comments say "I wish you lived near me!  We'd be besties!"

It occurred to me;  these ladies ARE near me.  They are sitting at home or at work, reading the blog, commenting.  I pass them in the grocery store or at the intersection.  I go to PTA meetings (ok - no, I don't, but SOMEONE does) with them.  I listen to them on the radio and tip them at the restaurant.  They have their children come take lessons from me, they teach my kids.

We're all just too shy to talk to each other.  I honestly wish we could all get bracelets or pins or something, identifying each other as Us.  But writing takes thought (if done well).  Our everyday conversations are usually so distracted, so information-driven (so, what time is that appointment? did you want regular or decaf? what was my kid's grade?) that we don't spend any time on personal development between us. 

I wonder how to do this.  I want to be REAL friends with my pharmacist, with my kid's 2nd grade teacher, with that one woman I see walking her dog.  Would they find me weird to approach them?

Is it any wonder that we feel alone?  That we find our best companions in the ether of chatrooms?  That is one of the few times when we can stop asking questions, stop making arrangements, stop doing for others, and just talk.  Talk like we did at summer camp when we were ten.  Share secrets, make up nicknames, get girl-crushes, gossip, laugh, cry.

I think "we" are out there.  Right under our collective noses.  We need a secret code.


More Than Fluffy Bunnies said...

Ummm... I thought the sign was the large, black bags under our eyes? *ponder*

Mrs. G. said...

I think the secret code idea is brilliant!

MandaRoo said...

I don't know where you are but I'm in Maryland and I totally know you mean me K8. Because I'm awesome. And code would be cool. Or bracelets. OR FACE TATTOOS.

trash said...

Hahhaahha - face tattoos. A la Mike Tyson, right? Can I choose a colour?

MandaRoo said...

Yes but something Mommy-ish. And totally choose the color, then we can all be awesome together!

alison said...

I'm thinking bracelets over face tattoos. Didn't Mike Tyson sue the makers of the Hangover 2 for having a charachter with his face tatoos? Do we really want Mike Tyson and a bunch of lawyers after us? :)

racheld said...

I'm in the Heartland---can't be TOO far for Great Lakes. (Well, maybe for coffee, but chatting, now THAT'S right around the corner).

And your OWN words are QUITE interesting and well-put-together, you know.


PS---Since we "met" sorta circuituously through The GIRL'S CODE, I vote code.