Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Not?

An older lady just walked by me and was singing something, going "doo DOOP dee doop dee DOOOP!"  It made me smile.

My dad keeps doing such nice things for my mom.  She was taking a nap, and he went out and bought a lit-up garland and hung it on the mantel, then he lit a fire, made lunch and turned on all the twinkle lights in the family room for her.  Can we have an "awwwww"?  When she woke up, he brought her lunch and they sat out there and admired the pretty lights and the fire.

Also, my dad stole a TREE.

Yes, he did.

There's some construction going on near their house and he noticed a whole stand of beautiful saplings that had vivid red berries on the tips of the branches.  These saplings were right in the path of the bulldozers, so one day he packed a small hand-saw in his van, drove out there and right on Rt. 83, cut down one of the trees, shoved it in his van and brought it home.  They put it up in the family room in a Christmas tree stand, bedecked it with little LED lights and a few tiny ornaments and there it stands. 

I love the 'what the heck, why not?' aspect of my dad.

Which is why I held a midnight snowball fight when we found out the kids were going to have a snow day a few days ago.  Then I made them hot chocolate at 12:15 a.m.  It was awesome.  They were so delighted.  So was I.

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