Monday, April 9, 2012

Where Has The Egg Salad Gone?

I have that stupid song, "Where have all the flowerrsssss.... gone??" running through my mind.

You see, earlier I discovered the BESTEST post-Easter-egg snack (not at all healthy, but yummy).  Egg salad (made w/light mayo, mustard,and just a scooch of horseradish, salt and pepper) as a dip for potato chips!  I know.  I'm sorry.


A few minutes ago, I was scooping, preparing to eat.  And a chunk of egg salad fell off.  Into ... apparently a rift in the time-space continuum, because it's GONE.  Not "gone because the dogs snarfed it" but really, truly gone.  I checked my pants.  I checked the couch.  I checked the top I'm wearing, my chin, the carpet, and my pants again.


I am afraid to leave the house because no doubt it's clinging to me somewhere.  And wouldn't THAT be glamorous?  "Oh, Kate! Good to see y......   what is THAT?"

1 comment: said...

I found it, in between the couch cushions.

However, I concur--egg salad as a dip for potato chips is awesome. WIth chopped pickles. (No horseradish thankyouverymuch.) And the eggs with festive green and purple stains (just had to dye a few--I haven't done much for Jesus lately.)