Thursday, April 5, 2012

Confessions: One From High School, One Later

First, on the weekend of our college orientation (during our Senior year, I imagine), my dear longtime friend Mark J and I met.  He was my First College Friend.  Luckily for me, he was a complete sweetheart and funny and cute to boot!  The night between our auditions/entrance exams and our day of fun tours and such, he and I went out "for a walk."  My parents were staying on campus at a dorm/hotel for this kind of thing, and Mark and I walked ALL over campus.  We checked everything out.  Including climbing the 10-foot chainlink fence at the stadium.  We sat there on the bleachers long into the night (much to my parents' chagrin, later) and talked about ourselves, our pasts, our futures, our hopes and dreams.  It was one of the best nights I'd ever have.  It was certainly one that has remained fondly tucked into my memories.  But mom and dad?  Sorry.  Should have called.


During the classes my husband and I took to prepare for the birth of our first child, the nurse in charge told us about the blissful smell of a newborn, and how we should enjoy it.  She said that there was no smell in the world quite like it, and that we should enjoy it since it doesn't last very long (once you bathe the baby, it's gone).  Well.  I had a sinus infection when I had my daughter.  No smell.  Whatsoever.  I pretended (to the nurse, when she visited) that I had been able to sniff my daughter's newborn head.  Not so much. I basically tried not to get boogers on her when I sneezed.

Bummer.  The odd things that surface sometimes.

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