Friday, April 20, 2012

How To Know?

How do you know when a life story is actually happening?

You know those blogs or books, where it is someone documenting their journey through, say, a divorce.  Or through a change in career or through some medical situation?  How did they know to start?  Don't most stories emerge only once you've been in them for a long while? 

Obviously, some things are more "beginning, middle, end," like pregnancy or starting school or whatnot.  But most of the big things creep up slowly. 

I've been tempted to blog about My Road Through [insert some interesting topic here].  But I never quite know whether or not to bother.  What if My Journey Through Weight Loss is not gonna happen?  What about maybe, changing careers?  What if I don't end up doing that?  How does someone know "Hey! This is it. I Am Starting My Journey"?

I'm guessing it's really all in hindsight.  I just can't imagine any other way. 

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