Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Powerful (for a Peculiar Reason)

This is one of the dumbest realizations I've ever had.

Today, I was at the local Kroger grocery store, waiting for Kris the Pharmacist to fill my prescriptions (I am on a first-name-basis with her.  Wanna make something of it?  She's awesome.), and I ventured down a frozen-food aisle.  I was alone in the aisle.

I noticed that the refrigerated cases were dark.  "How odd," I mumbled internally.  THEN?

They turned on.  BALINNNK! ON!

"Even odder," sez myself.

I crept out of the aisle, and stood still and waited.  BLONK.  They turned back out.

No, really.  That's me.  

I edged back in verrrry slowly.   Past the frozen pizzas. Nothing.  Slllowlllly.  Past the frozen egg rolls.  Nothing.  I made it all the wayto the middle of the aisle (near the frozen tortellini). Then I leaped up and down, thrashing my arms around, and BALINNNK!  ON!

I out-ninjaed the freezer cases.


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Karen Knoerr Wray said...

Our Smiths/Kroger store has those automated lights in the freezer aisle too. Waaaay cool! It's like "Hi! Come on in!" every time you look for ice cream. Awesome!