Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boneyfied: It's Getting to BE Too MucH

Don't know why I did it, but yesterday I read some article about the kid Trayvon in Florida.  That's a sad, sad story.

But that's not what's getting to me.  (I mean, yes.  That is very upsetting to me... But ....)
It's the comments.  Oh boy.

Did none of these adults (I presume they're adults) have a decent English teacher in 4th grade?  Where did they learn to write?  I don't even mean misspellings.  That can happen to the smartest of individuals.  But the CAPITALIZATION?  Why do people Randomly capitaLize things?  It's like they learned their capitalization and punctuation in Germany or something (They capitalize all proper nouns.).

Also, even though I said that misspellings are not a capital offense, just MAKING UP spellings is really not cool.  FASHESD.  ("Obama is a Fashesd.")  WALLAH.("I was getting ready to go, opened the door, and WALLAH, he was already standing there!").

My personal favorite yesterday was "boneyfied."  Try to figure it out in context:
"Shes a boneyfied model." At first, I thought they were accusing her of being anorexic.  Then, after a moment it came to me.  Bona fide.  

I really do get that there are words that challenge people.  OK.  They're, their, there.  I know.  Yuck.  But really.  Boneyfied?  Eccentera?  (As in, "I think he's a jerk, a butthead, eccentera.")

I think I'll try one of my own.
The dog was phanteng because he was hot.

I give up.


JennyExplainsItAll.blogspot.com said...

Oh my dear--you're singing my song! I try SO hard not to judge the speller by the spelling, but it is very, very difficult. Especially since, these days, the dictionary is two keystrokes away, and even demented old spellcheck can offer up something better than "Wall-ah!"

I sincerely try to believe that if one is not a congenital speller, as you and I seem to be, it doesn't even occur to him or her to check for accuracy. Or to see if that's even a WORD, for crying out loud.

I prefer to think it's my punishment for being poor at math. "Hey, you! Word polease! Whatz twelfe times nine?"

Just stick to the article and avoid the comments.

Karen Knoerr Wray said...

A while back I was sitting in my doctor's waiting room and happened to start reading the Notices posted on their window. One of them had sooooooooooo many misspellings that I just had to jump up and inform the office worker of the errors. I told her that they highly irritated me. "Identify" is not spelled "Indentify." AND "Identity" is not spelled "Indentity." Good God! The next time I went back to that office, ALL the misspellings were corrected. Thank you!!!!!