Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teeny Little Memory -- Inappropriate Stickers

When my daughter was just a mere sprout, I was given a calendar or book or something to record Major Events in her life.  You know the type, right?

"I filled my first diaper!"

"First roll from tummy to back!"

"First smile"

and so on.

There were cute little stickers that had all these "firsts" on them, so you could simply stick them onto the dates.  Easy Peasy.

Except that I never did it.  By the time she'd done all the "firsts" on the pages of stickers, I found them.  Whoops.  But recycler that I am, I thought "what shall I do with these?"

I came upon an answer.  I taught flute sectionals to a group of 5th graders each week, and I thought, "Hey.  This will make an excellent randomly weird kind of prize!  Like a gold star but BETTER."

That Friday, I was getting them to play a scale or something.  When they successfully completed it, I'd randomly stick a sticker onto their heads or shirts or something.  One girl giggled when she got, "First tooth!" The next laughed at "Says Ma-Ma!"

The next kid asked, "What's a 'bris'?"


5 comments: said...

I had one of those calendars. Of course I didn't use most of the stickers, but they did succeed in making me feel like an inadequate mother. Fortunately I didn't have anything like that with the second and third babies and felt like a much better parent, by default.

My neighbor and I called ourselves Marginal Moms. (I don't recall seeing a sticker for the bris! If we were Jewish and had a boy, I'd have had to scribble it in!)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

This is hilarious! My flute students have always found me rather weird but even I have never had bris stickers. You win!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

...filled a diaper.....

V and A said...

LOL, now that's funny!

Steven Knoerr said...