Sunday, April 22, 2012

Martini Post

This is a disclaimer.  I have had what I like to call a Cactini.  Meaning, a martini all shaken up with the fruit of a prickly pear cactus.  Or something.  They are these oval things.  They have many seeds.  And the fruit is a delicious red.  More fuchsia.  And I CAN NEVER spell fuchsia right.  Ever.  Who put the S where the C should be?  WHO? (who, who whowho who?)

Anyway.  CacTini.  Yum.  And I like to think, nutritious.  I'm betting cactus pears are Super Foods.  If not, they should be.  Like Pluto should be a planet.  It's morally right. And peanuts.  Can we just agree that they are NUTS? If just for consistency's sake.

Anyway.  Again.  Wouldn't you love to live on the Prime Meridian?  You could just put that as your address.

Sandra Dee
Prime Meridian

Get your letters that way.

Or possibly the Equator.

Erica Sthalllhshire
Equator.  7th parallel.