Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Which I Scoff

My honor has been challenged.  
 While I will admit to drinking tea now and again, I refuse to consider myself a tea-o-phile like he is.  I use Splenda.  I frequently forget to remove the tea bag (YES, I use tea bags) from the cup.  I do have "tea flowers," but I don't think they count, since I think they are made from clovers and grass clippings and such.  

And now?  Steeeve? Makes the cruellest of accusations.  
I would like to submit the following in response.
that is all.

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Josi said...

Next time you come to Chicago, we should take a trip to Chinatown. You can get loose leaf black tea with rose petals in it for $6/half-pound. That's *a lot* of tea. And it's really really good. Much better than the tea dust in tea bags. And I'm a fervent coffee drinker, but just like when I switched to grinding my own beans... when I switched to whole leaf tea there was no going back.