Monday, November 21, 2011

Journey From Sloth and Despair, The Next Day

Lunch for kiddos and myself yesterday:

"Breakfast for Lunch!"
Fried eggs.  Strawberries.  Bacon.  Milk.
For me, I added a slice or two of flaxseed bread.

Not completely optimal, with a lot of cholesterol and fat, but still:  MADE OF INGREDIENTS.  YAAAY!
See?  I tried!  Kids ate fine, so did I.  Easy, healthy-ish (if you don't count the fat).  Not bad.  I'll give it a solid B.

Pork chops (pounded flat, with lots of spices and some olive oil; baked)
Homemade scalloped potatoes (thin-sliced potatoes, some half-n-half, some flour, garlic, and a few dabs of butter, then baked)
Steamed French-cut green beans
At daughter's request, a few potato-and-cheddar pierogis (frozen), sauteed in oil and garlic

Well, not horrible.  The potatoes had half and half AND butter, and the pierogis were frozen.  But -- could have been worse.  I wish I had another color of vegetable, like carrots or squash, but did not.  Too much in the carb category. 
I give this meal a low B-.

UNFORTUNATELY, I fell prey to the siren song of the leftover Chinese food in the fridge.  In its little Asian voice, it sang "Kaaaate.  Come.  I ruuuuuve you!  Eeeeeat!  There are DUMPRINGS!  Nooodles. MSG!"

My after-dinner resolve failed and I ate goopy Chinese food.  Delicious but deadly, if you will.  Also white wine.  Who knew that a dry Riesling could be so nice with Hunan Beef?
That "meal" gets a D-.

Today, I took my dear friend Cindilouwho for breakfast/brunch to a CRAZY awesome restaurant here in town, where we both splurged.  I had corned beef hash and ONE blueberry pancake, and she had some scrambly thing.  DEE lish.  Of course, completely NOT clean eating.  But there were blueberries in it, and they are SUPER foods, so perhaps it helped?


The key seems to be in the shopping.  When I was clean-eating before (a few months ago), I was really buying LOTS of good, healthy ingredients.  Avocados.  Bright veggies, easy grains. Legumes and pulses. Yogurt, nuts, seeds, and ricotta. Olive oil, cool condiments, herbs.  When you have all THAT on hand, preparation is easy.  

My next step is to get me to a good grocery that carries piles of good stuff.  I'll slow down, meander a bit, and buy some yummies.

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