Sunday, November 27, 2011

Journey From Sloth and Despair, Soup To the Rescue!

I have gotten to the other side of Thanksgiving with not too much regret.  Most of our food that day was made from actual ingredients.  The eggnog was NOT made simply of egg and nog, but I only had a small glass.
How weird.  I have this actual glass.

Today, I have been re-aligning my mind back to clean food.

Breakfast was oatmeal (the awesome non-processed kind, made from scratch) with dried cranberries and cinnamon.  And a cup of coffee.  Mmmmcoffee.

Lunch, you will be proud to note, was homemade broccoli soup* with wholewheat crackers.  No, I didn't make the crackers myself, but they're still pretty healthy.

Dinner is likely going to be potato soup (homemade), plus some kind of raw-veggie/turkey/yogurt/curry salad thingy.  I don't expect the family will eat my salad, but that's their problem.  I may have to add some whole grain of some sort, like maybe quinoa?

I have been enjoying many cups of green tea and the occasional small glass of strawberry/yogurt smoothie (made by my daughter).
I love flower tea!

Now, the important question:  is Brie a "clean" food?  I sure hope so.

*Recipe to follow soon.

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