Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things. In Groups. By Number.

I yoinked this from somewhere.  I can't quite remember where.

So.  Apparently you're supposed to do this in 10 days.  (also?  Are they possibly Satanists?)
But I'm not going to hold myself to that, not being a Satanist and all.

TEN.  TEN SECRETS!  Mwahahahaaaaaaaa.   (Feel the "Count" vibe?)
1. First, if it's a secret, I probably shouldn't tell it.
2. Second, if I tell it, it stops being a secret.
3.Third, I think I've trapped myself into a feedback loop.

So, I'm going to refuse the premise of the ... question (is it a question?).  I am going to re-state.
TEN.  TEN LITTLE-KNOWN FACTS!  Mwaaahahaaaaaaaa.
1. I have extremely dry heels.  You TOTALLY wanted to know that, right?

2. When I walk behind a car in a parking lot (if I see that there's someone in it) I inevitably mutter to myself, "Please don't kill me."

3. I always start descending stairs with my left foot.  If there's a landing halfway down, I'll shuffle if I need to in order to start again with my left foot.  If I try to NOT do that, I feel off balance.

4. As a child, I thought that the TV cameras made everybody's eyes blue.

5. Also as a child, I thought that breathing in great gasps of freezing cold winter air would strengthen my lungs.  Not surprisingly, I also suffered a lot of bronchitis.  Whoops.

6. I do not UNDERSTAND how people can make paint look like actual things.  If I ever paint, it just looks like paint. 

7. I am not entirely sure what the difference is between a sweater and a knit top.

8. If I have trouble falling asleep, I lay in bed and imagine the alphabet, one letter at a time, cut out of jello.  I know.  It's odd. 

9. I wish I could learn to be an electrician.

10. For a storyteller, I'm terrible at writing stories.

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Josi said...

I have really dry heels, too. Mine are calloused... BUT I started using Eucerin on the advice of my dermatologist and it is helping greatly. One can get a prescription for urea, which will work faster, but my insurance didn't cover it and it was $50 (and my doctor had already told me that Eucerin will work, too, just much more slowly).