Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blender Fail

Yesterday, I was making myself some broccoli soup.  My extremely complex recipe calls for the following:

One small saucepan with chicken broth.  Add 1/2 head of broccoli (chopped up).  Simmer until soft.  Then blend up with an immersible blender. Add a little milk and maybe some spices.  Eat.

But yesterday, I decided to get advanced.

I poured the broccoli/broth/milk mixture into the blender.
[You can see this coming, can't you?]
I remembered that you're supposed to open the little circular top liddy thing when blending hot ingredients, so I removed it.

DANG!  I didn't cover up the little circular hole.  BROCCOLI EVERYWHERE.  And it was HOT.  I thought to myself, "Dang.  Shoulda seen that coming."

So, naturally, I put the little circle lid thing back on. 
And then BLEND!
This time, the broccoli soup blew the whole TOP off the blender.  More broccoli soup EVERYWHERE.
I did a mental facepalm, and wondered what to do next.  The broccoli was still not really pureed.  So I again removed the little circle thingy, but this time tossed a kitchen towel over the hole.

It blew the towel off, but this time the broccoli puree was contained to a degree. 

At this point, I gave up.  I poured what was left of the soup into a bowl and just pretended like none of it had ever happened.


3 comments: said...

The regular blender represents evolution of the species. The immersion blender is the pinnacle (except for restaurants) of cooking Darwinism. My regular blender exists, basically, to hold several cutting boards upright against the backsplash.

Kate said...

Wow. Mine has evolved to be a cutting board and serving platter holder too. Maybe they're cousins.

Chris said...

No one has mentioned that the trick is to put the lid on the blender, put a towel on the lid and hold down the towel and top while blending hot food. Lid stays on, food stays in blender, towel keeps you from getting burned.