Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Brain is Real

I just read a facebook post by a good friend who recently had a baby.  She was lamenting the fact that she couldn't organize her thoughts enough to write anything.  It brought back a memory from when I had my first.

I actually went to a neurologist a few months after Allie was born because I thought I was losing brain function or suffering some kind of tumor or something. My husband was telling me about entire conversations we had, of which I had literally no memory.  

The neurologist saw the spit-up on my shoulder and asked if I had a baby. I nodded, and she burst into peals of un-doctorlike laughter, and said I didn't need a brain scan. I just needed a couple nights of uninterrupted sleep, and a WHOLE LOT LESS of the baby-feeding hormones. 
Baby mush brain is not a medical diagnosis, but it sure is real.


Ilyanna said...

It's REAL! Check out this book that explains the physiological changes in a woman's brain during pregnancy and after. It's really cool, once you understand why you can no longer remember anything you used to know.

Sanstrousers said...

I still have baby brain five years later! I like to describe it as having the outline to a book, but never getting to read the whole story.