Thursday, December 8, 2011

YOINK! Things I DISLIKE that Everybody Else LIKES

I was reading "One in the Hand", and she was talking about things she hated that everybody else likes, and I was all, "DUDE! That could be ME!"

  However, being my mother's daughter, I thought to myself "'hate' is a very big emotion."  I just can't commit to saying I hate things unless I really REALLY hate them.  Therefore, this is a list of my dislikes.

I am in agreement with One in the Hand in my first one.

1:  BATHS.  My husband thinks that baths are the answer to nearly anything that ails you, but for me?  Not really.  Parts of me stick out of the bathwater and get cold.  It's boring.  I feel like I should be doing something, like shaving my legs or pumicing my heels.  I can't read unless I'm willing to sacrifice a book to the Water Gods.  And when I get up and out, I feel like I weigh a ton.  I'm always worried I'm going to slip and kill myself.

2:  DARK CHOCOLATE.  Maybe I haven't had good enough chocolate, but it's not creamy like milk chocolate, and it just reads as bitter in my mind.  I can easily do without it.

3:  Adam Sandler.  He's not funny for the most part.  He's just stupid. 

4:  Eat, Pray, Love.  I read it and ugh.  It was the most self-serving book.  And actually, I found it to be poorly-written.  In the hands of a better author, it could have been spectacular.

5:  Twitter.  I've tried.  Really.  But the whole point seems to be "how many times can I interrupt other people's thoughts?" which doesn't suit me.

6:  Gambling.  I just don't get it at all.  Why would anyone willingly use actual money to do this?  You're not getting anything out of it.  Yes, I guess sometimes you win, but mostly, you're just getting rid of your hard-earned cash.

7:  So You Think You Can Dance/Glee/American Idol/Reality Shows.  Real people are annoying and shallow when they have a camera trained on them.  And Glee is ... it's like being locked in a room with the most annoying members of the Drama Club in high school.  They're all hanging around the boombox, singing whilst making meaningful hand gestures, and I'm edging around the perimeter of the room trying to find the exit.

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Except for dark chocolate which I like almost as well as milk chocolate; I copy-paste your list. I think there a lot of us that feel the same way but it's not worth arguing. We can just privately like our stuff better; smug in the knowledge that we are completely correct.

And my word verification is "HARWAT". Not bad!