Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things. In Groups. By Number. II


1:  I love the color cobalt.  Mmmmm.

2:  My little son has shown me a kind of love I did not know about before.  This unselfconscious, heart-on-the-sleeve, bouncy love.  He's so darling, and sticky and dirty and dorky.  He likes to kiss me and hug me.  He chirps, "Mama? I wuv you!" as he's playing SuperMario on the computer.

3:  I love when somebody else makes me a cup of coffee.  I don't even care what they put in it.  I think it tastes better when somebody else makes it and brings it to me.

4:  I love listening to audiobooks, but don't get the opportunity (long periods of uninterrupted quiet? what?) like I used to.

5:  I have recently discovered a love for thick woolen socks.  I've never actually worn that kind before, and was surprised by how nice they are.

6:  I love love LOVE to sleep.  Love.  Mmmmsleep.

7:  I love and covet Jaguars.  The car.  I really really covet them.

8:  Brie, topped with apricot jam, chopped jalapenos and toasted almonds, then baked.  Whoa.  I could make a house out of that and eat it all.

9:  I love listening to renaissance vocal music.  Mmmm.  Delicious.

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