Monday, December 5, 2011

Things. In Groups. By Number. III


1.  That one day, I really will put my eye out.

2.  That I will not be there when one of my kids needs me, and that they will be sad or hurt and alone. 

3.  Burning.  I am very afraid of burning myself.  I have burnt myself with boiling water once (accidentally poured it over the back of my hand the day I needed to make an audition recording -- did the recording with a bowl of ice water and a towel next to the stand to dip my hand in between takes), and once I grabbed the searing-hot handle of a cast iron pan which had just been in the oven.  Had to go trick-or-treating with my kids whilst holding an ice pack.  Not fun.

4.  Food poisoning.  Yuck. Had it twice in one month last year, hope to never have it again. Had Salmonella during a week-long run of a very important musical drama piece in college.  I told the string bass player that if he saw me running towards him (he was between me and the bathroom) that he should do whatever it took to get out of the way and to protect his bass. 

5.  Centipedes/millipedes.  Unless they're wearing a million little saddle shoes, they're terrifying. 

6.  Something hurting my parents.  That is just ... too scary.

7.  That I might someday go back to school for a doctorate and find out that I have forgotten how to study.

8.  That someday I might accidentally "reply all."

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Ever seen Natalie Dee? Never too late to start.