Sunday, February 26, 2012

Delighted With ShrinkyDinks

Oh, what a fun time we had at the party!  (My daughter turns 11 soon.)
Basically, three LOVELY little girls (ages 8, 9, and 11) joined my girl for dinner and cupcakes and fun.


Shrinky Dinks (TM) are awesome sheets of plastic which, after being colored and cut into shapes, get baked.  (*Not unlike me after the party last night.)  Upon baking, they shrink to 1/3 of their size, but get 9x thicker.  (Yep.  9x thicker after a night of partying? MmmHmmm.)

Primarily, the girls made charms for charm bracelets last night (a banana, hearts, a cell phone, a birthday cake, flowers, butterflies, and so on).  It was SO sweet to see them shrug off the "too cool for that" mentality and just dive in and color and play.  They giggled, screeched, laughed, and whacked the others with balloons.

One of the girls' moms stayed with me to drink wine supervise, help with the make-your-own pizzas, and chat.  She and I just get along so well, even though we come from very different perspectives.  She's from the other side of the world -- literally-- and comes from a religious/social background that is rather unknown to me (until recently), and she's a MATHEMATICIAN.  I mean, that alone outlines our differences dramatically.

I love little girls.  I love their capacity to become best friends upon sight.  The fact that they just ... play.
And you know what?  I'm learning to do the same.

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