Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ranting From RFML Soon!

I'm so 'cited!  The spectacular Lydia at Rants From Mommyland agreed to post one of my babbles over there!  It's going up sometime this coming week, and I'm nervous.  Over at RFML, they have lots and lots of readers -- like, totally more than 4.
What will they say? Will they comment?  Will they hate on me?  Eeep!

So, if you're visiting from RFML, welcome to my cocktail lounge.  Don't lick the mirrors.


Jamie O. said...

I just read your rant. It was hilarious. I do this exact thing often... my oldest is 4 and I often wonder what I have just agreed to. Look forward to reading more : )

Monica said...

never read your blog before, but you were a CRACK UP at mommyland. hilarious. loved. it. do it ALL the time.

V said...

I just read it over there (that's how I found your blog) and love it! You made me laugh :)