Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rodent + Radioactive Substances

Simon has a hamster named Coco.  Up to now, he's not had the best relationship with said rodent.  I believe it's because he didn't get how to hold her gently.  She let him know that she was unhappy by chomping him.

HOWEVER, he recently figured it out, and now they're the best of friends.  Like last night at bed time, I came in to kiss him goodnight, and he was on the bed, holding Coco and reading a science book.  He beamed up at me, saying, "MAMA!  I'm teaching Coco to read!"

Then he proceeded to plop her down on the book with each syllable, "Plu- TO- ni- um!"

We will have the smartest hamster ever.

1 comment:

V and A said...

all us kids had a hamster when we were little. we looooooved them and my mom hated them! ha ha.