Friday, May 11, 2012

Steely Dan -- Oh, the Possibilities

Today while driving with the family, we somehow started to make spin-off joke names from Steely Dan.

A tire shop?  "Wheelie Dan's"

A sushi place?  "Eely Dan's"

A shoe store?  "Heely Dan's"

A church?  "Kneely Dan's"

A compost supply store?  "Peely Dan's"

Fishing supply?  "Reely Dan's"

Deli?  "Vealy Dan's"


Steven Knoerr said...

A barbecue joint? Squeally Dan's.

A nudist colony? Freely Dan's.

A politician's press conference? Spielly Dan's.

A Braille bookstore? Feely Dan's.

A Sierra Club meeting place? Treely Dan's.

A bar for biker chicks? Steely Dams.

Anonymous said...

A restaurant? "Mealy Dan's."