Friday, March 2, 2012

Most Romantic Card Ever?

I read The Bloggess' blog today, and was inspired.  Please go see her stuff!

I want this to be a card for Valentine's day.  Or really, for any occasion.

Front of the card.                   Inside the card.

Thank you, The Bloggess, for all you do.  You crazy little turdburger.

**TO FURTHER RE-CLARIFY AND PROPERLY CITE, THE IMAGE OF THE CREEPY CHRISFARLEYDUDE WITH THE AWESOME T-SHIRT IS THE BLOGGESS'ES.  I do not own that image.  She came up with the phrase "Use your ivagination" and turned it into one of the finest pieces of couture lingerie of all time.  Go thank her.** (Please, The Bloggess, don't come and kill me. Or sic Brian Boitano on me. He could whup me with one ice cream sandwich held behind his back.)

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