Friday, June 17, 2011

Words: Girl Language vs. Boy Language

I'm not talking "Mars vs. Venus," here.  I'm talking about using words that imply that being a girl is lame, or that to be a boy is to misbehave.

"Boys will be boys."

Or a football coach yelling, "Move it, ladies!"

It drives me nuts.  I haven't found the words to describe why I hate it in military or sci-fi TV or movies, they call female senior officers "Sir."  My husband says that it's just tradition.  But they don't call the junior officers "Master" or anything.  Why not call the women "Ma'am"?  Is it so hard?  Why is that a position of honor and influence earns these women the 'right' to be called Sir?  Ugh.

And the whole, "boys will be boys" thing.  How demeaning to boys. 

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