Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Multiple Ways To Die

Inspiring title, no?

When I first visited my in-laws' house in Maine, I noticed that the stairs were VERY steep.  More ladders than stairs.  Wowza. 

At the foot of the stairway was a gun cabinet.  (! ! ! )

I had never even SEEN a gun cabinet before.  I was a nice, suburb-raised girl.  No guns for me.  Just mafia. And they conceal.

Anyway-- it occurred to me that if you accidentally TRIPPED down those stairs, you would:
1: break your neck, legs, and possibly other body parts
2: slice your arteries and muscles on the GLASS FRONT of the gun cabinet
3: be SHOT.

So you'd be thrice dead.

Those east coasters like to kill you DEAD, if you know what I mean. 

1 comment:

trash said...

Weeeeeellll... if you are going to kill someone you may as well make sure you do the thing properly I say.