Friday, July 6, 2012

Water, Water (not really) Everywhere

It's hot! Damned hot! REAL HOT! (thank you, Good Morning Vietnam)

It's well over 100F here in the great white north, and it's annoying.  I'm grateful it's just annoying.  It could easily be deadly.

Today I had to run some boring errands (bank, post office), and I stopped off at the QD (local convenience store) to grab a diet Coke.  I stood there and saw the big cooler full of water bottles and had a thought.  I bought 10 of them, because I know lots of locals take buses on the route I was going to drive.  It was 3 p.m., and the heat was at its worst.

I pulled up in front of bus stops and opened my window, waving the bottles of water, yelling, "It's too hot not to have water!  Please take it!"

Not one person turned me down.  I also gave some to the guy with the sign "Homeless family.  Anything will help.  Willing to work."  He looked pretty dazed with the heat.  I hope it helped.

For a mere couple of dollars, I was able to help a few people -- just a little.  But I think the surprise that somebody was thinking about them maybe helped too.

Tomorrow, more water.


smalltownme said...

Good for you. A couple months ago at one of my son's bike races, I caught a ride with a shuttle van. It was blistering hot and I gave the driver a bottle of water. He was so pleased. No one except his wife had thought to give him anything. I was so grateful for the ride. Little things can mean a lot.

Sanstrousers said...

That's awesome! Sniffle, I'm so proud.