Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Laziness and Other Favorite Things

Remember how I hurt my finger?  The doc said I should re-tape it when the original tape got dirty or wore out. 

I used black electrical tape.  Think he'll mind?  I have been lazy, and finally just TODAY remembered to pick up some more medical tape.  I have not gotten around to re-wrapping the fingers.

I was reading over at Off Our Chests about "favorite things." 

Here are some of mine.

When it's snowing so hard at night that when you step outside, you can HEAR it.  Hhsssssssssss.
When I say my doggie's name and he wags, even when he's asleep.
Crayons.  Especially the cornflower blue one.
The way my kids look when they sleep.
Rain after a week of hot dry weather.
Falling in love with a book, then realizing it's the first of a series!
Having a cup of coffee that someone else brought to me.
The feeling of having a long-running in-joke with a friend or sibling.


Sanstrousers said...

Oh, I love the snow one! And if your doc has a problem with improvisation, then you need to seek medical care elsewhere.

Stephanie Burgis said...

I love that list! :)