Monday, July 9, 2012

Wisdom Gained Through PMS?

I was trying to Google just now.  I think I might have PMS, and I'm trying to see if in fact my body/brain/soul is trying to teach me something.  I searched "women gaining wisdom through PMS."  And I Googled "women learning from PMS." 

Know what I found?

Page after page of "how to cure PMS," "what you need to know about PMS," medications, and (GAG) jokes about women with PMS.  "Dreaded PMS," "PMS suffering." "Easing the suffering and pain." 

Not in hundreds of entries did I find anything about learning about ourselves through PMS.

What do I expect to learn through PMS?  Hm.  Well, that the world listens more when you yell.  That people "snap to" more when you sear the earth with your glances.  Anger can dissolve into sentimentality.  Dear friends seem dearer.  Irritations are much, much more irritating. 

Broken things get thrown away when you can't stand seeing them anymore.  Seething, silent arguments stay silent no more.  Tiny pinpricks of hurt release a volcano of words and stomps and demands. DEMANDING is far FAR better than asking.  Ask forgiveness later, if necessary. 

Righteous anger is white-hot and cleansing.  Irrational anger is usually based in rational (but small) hurts.  Happiness can be fleeting, but feels wonderful and light. 

Just because it's part of a cycle doesn't make it not real.  "It's just PMS, right?" is a sure-fire way to get yourself murdered. 

The "hold me/leave me the hell alone" part of PMS seems to be a balancing act.  It's as though we're testing the waters to see who is sensitive enough to understand and accommodate.  To see who respects us and values us, despite our emotional ups and downs, and to see who is just putting up with us when we're Cheerful and Sweet. 

I'm not against medicating PMS.  But I don't think that women would have it if it didn't do some good.  It may be the only time the world gets to hear us without all that censoring.

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Janelle West said...

"It may be the only time the world gets to hear us without all that censoring." That pretty much sums it up. Unfortunately, PMS isn't discerning enough to pop up when people are ready to hear us without all the censoring. Que the chaos! I try to see PMS as an opportunity to work on deep breathing through those hot flashes of rage, but so far I've accomplished little. At least I now know I get PMS. It took me years to figure that out (as is the case with so many things), and though the knowledge hasn't helped me DURING the PMS, it has at least helped me recover afterwards. I like the idea of trying to learn about yourself through PMS. It's something I'm going to start thinking about. Thanks for the brain food :)