Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dreaming Of Eagles

Remember how I recently documented some dreams?  I'm gonna do it again.

WARNING:  Dream recap here.  Might be boring.

It was night.  I was with some good friends (no idea who).  We were outside, the stars were shining.  Then I looked up and saw what appeared to be a chevron of light moving through the sky with sparks falling in a trail from it.  It moved left, then right, then up and around.

I pointed it out to my companions.  We watched as it became larger and more defined.  Then I saw that it was an eagle.  A bald eagle.  And all of its feathers were aflame.  It kind of looked like there were fiber optic lights on the edges of the wings, and all the feathers.  It was ON FIRE but not being consumed!

As it neared, I could see the flame and the sparks.  I knew that I needed to place my brand new handmade crystal earrings out on the hood of the car we were all leaning on for the eagle.  We knew to get out of the way because the flames might be too much.

So we walked backwards, away from the parked car and the crystal earring offering.  We didn't see the eagle as it landed (it was too bright to look at), but it landed, took the earrings, and then cried out in triumph.  Then -- I think -- it flew above our heads.

In the dream, I felt excited, not scared.  I was sure that it was coming for me, to get my offering of my craft.  It came from the heavens, and was fueled by heavenly celestial fire.  It was not afraid of the flames, nor was it.  My companions were frightened and didn't know what to do, but I did.

I awoke from the dream feeling incredibly full of ... promise.  Of awe.

Ok, armchair psychiatrists, GO.


Jessica said...

Apparently eagles symbolize spirituality. I'd say the fire also symbolizes some kind of divine gift. I'd say you're ready on many levels to offer yourself up to whatever spirit you believe in and you feel acknowledged by that presence. Sounds like a nice dream! said...

1. Diamonds are possibly a girl's best friend


2. Someone left the light on in the hall.