Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Best Burglary EVER

A few evenings ago, I picked up a few bags of groceries.  As I came into the house, I thought of locking the car with the keyring fob thingy, but (inevitably) forgot.  My hands were full.  My thoughts were busy.  Whoops.

The next morning, I was in the shower when I heard m husband stick his head into the bathroom and say, "Kate! I need you!  Someone broke into the car!"

Oh. Crap.

I came out right away, wildly flailing the towel around, hurriedly drying off and dressing in yesterday's clothes.  Hair still dripping, I dashed to the car.

"The door was open!  The console lid was open, the glove box was open, and YOUR TEACHING BAG was unzipped and open!" He had his head in the car, looking things over.

Oh no.  I have a wheelie little suitcase where I keep all my music and whatnot that I use when I teach flute lessons.  Luckily I am paranoid, and never ever leave my instruments in a car.

As I looked through the car, I ... didn't notice anything missing.  At all.  Maybe some change from the little dish in the middle.  Huh.  Then I noticed that some of the contents of the glove box had been removed and placed on the passenger seat.  The little manual, the registration, some CDs, a couple of pencils.  I peeked into the glove box itself and saw a small envelope.  The kind you get from the bank.

Full of money.


I pulled it out, mystified.  Did the thief LEAVE A DONATION?  I asked my husband, "Did you put this in the car?"  He glanced over and then froze in mystified confusion.  "What? No! What??"  I looked into the envelope and pulled out $60 in tens and twenties.  And a receipt.  It was dated about 10 months ago, and was from our own account.

"OH!  I remember!  When we drove to Chicago, we stopped off at the credit union!  I thought I lost that money.  You took $40 out and put it in your wallet and handed the envelope to me to put in my purse.  And then I never saw it again. And here it is."

By rifling through our junk, they uncovered our cash - AND DIDN'T SEE IT.
It was possibly the only burglary in which the "victims"  make money.

I am mightily tempted to leave the other car unlocked some night.  I'm missing a couple of pairs of earrings.


smalltownme said...

Holy moly, you were lucky!

Kana said...

Lucky isn't even the word for it! That was a total anticrime - check between the seats, maybe they even left you some stuff!