Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lazy-Girl SourDough Bread (recipe) IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!


Can I just share my amazement? 

I have figured out Sourdough bread.  No, really!  I have!
Just like how I said that people have made bread for thousands of years without high IQs or schmancy equipment? 

Here's the scoop:
I thought my hubs wanted homemade pizza on Friday, so I started up a batch of dough (water, honey, flour, salt, olive oil, the usual) in the KitchenAid bowl that morning.  Come to think of it, I hadn't even bothered to turn on the K.A., I just smooshed it around with a spoon.  Since it was warm out and kind of buggy, I tossed a dishtowel over the bowl to keep out the fruitflies/mosquitoes/dogs. 

Well, that afternoon, he expressed his dismay at my plan, and said he was going to get KFC.  Whatever.  I shrugged, and promptly forgot about the dough.  It was wet and goopy (I had planned on adding more flour later), and it just sat there and bubbled.

The next morning, I saw the covered bowl and muttered, "Aww, crap.  Forgot to make the bread.  I'll have to clean out that bowl soon."  and I forgot about it again.  Until the next day, when I said pretty much exactly the same thing.  That afternoon, my hubs noticed it and asked me if I was planning on cleaning out the bowl soon, or was I making a sourdough starter?

! ? !

Wait.  What? 

I mumbled something about "getting to it eventually," and forgot about it again.
What I didn't realize is that HE thought I meant I was going to eventually get to MAKING SOURDOUGH bread!  So he mixed in a little more flour, some more water, made it into dinner roll sized balls, let them rise, and baked them!

VOILA!  Sourdough!  It was exactly, totally sourdough bread.  Like I'd done it on purpose.  It was soft inside, crackly on the outside, had just the right tang, and it toasted like it was MADE for it.  It was delicious.

The crucial part, I believe, was the covering it with a dishtowel, because without that, I would have been picking gnats out of the rolls, which is not appetizing. 

Can you BELIEVE this?  Sourdough bread is just regular bread that you were lazy about making. 


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