Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I Am Perfect For This Job

It's taken me years and years, but I'm starting to see that among my strongest attributes is my insight into what a person is really thinking, and the ability to get them to realize it.  I feel like I'm a miner -- I can see the vein of gold or the oil deposit, and I find a way to get to it.  It's like magic, kind of.,  It seems so normal to me, but mystifying to those around me.

I was reading about a business that a former student of mine is in: Leadership Consulting.  I read about the things they do, and who they serve, and I was crystal-clear that I'd be a perfect fit.  They don't have anyone like me there, and they need somebody like me.

I'm intuitive (but they've got that).  I'm dynamic (but ditto).  What do I have that they don't?  I can make their clients PERFORM.  You know when you see someone walk into a room, you can sort of tell if they're going to be a Player in the conversation, or if they're just going to smile and nod and eat the chips and salsa?  I have been teaching people to be Players for years.  It's one of my favorite parts of my job.  it's tough, but rewarding.

They need somebody withOUT a lot of "mothery" qualities (too much sympathy, perhaps?), but with a non-threatening appearance (short, blonde, cute) to cajole, tease, encourage, and badger people into trying something out of their comfort zones.

Every single person seeking Pondera services would benefit by having a performer reminding them that LIFE is a performance.  Business is a performance.  Teaching, banking, sales, it's all heavily based on performance, body language, and communication.  In addition, this would surely be the most fun part of a businesses re-formatting.  Kind of like "What Not To Wear," but with interactions and presentation instead of fashion.

Now, don't get the idea that this would encourage "acting," because that implies untruth.  This would be finding the genuine self of the person, and showcasing it well.  Helping a person to find her true voice is what I do well.  Finding the "voice" and then learning how to use it?  That's a skill I can teach.  These are things that will make a business or school sparkle and vibrate with the energy of candor and authenticity.

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Jessie said...

Sounds like such a great job for you! Maybe you can come to KC and help me figure out how to perform? Good luck with everything!