Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tales From the (Massage) Table: Farmer

(Taken from a facebook post)

Recently, I massaged a retired farmer. Cows. He raised cows. He loved it! 

He was in because he had some pain and tension in his shoulders and upper back. He tells me this is because of his 'retirement job.' He apparently delivers 55-gallon drums of oil to other farmers. He loads them onto his pickup, straps them in, and then unloads them. And he doesn't like to work with helpers, because "they always seem to get hurt or squashed." 

So here he is, rolling these ginormous drums up onto a truck. And then he started telling me about his GREAT GRAND babies. seven of them, all under two years old. He loves holding them, loving on their tiny little hands, their soft cheeks, their round bellies. Then I thought for a moment, and asked , "How old ARE you?" 

"Oh, around 78."

He's 78. Loading oil drums because he wants to do something he believes in. He likes this oil company.  They had been the one he used for years and years on his farm, and he knows they do right by their customers. 

And he holds and cuddles and strokes his great grand babies. And lives deep in the country "where, in summer, you can't even see the house because of all the green, green trees." His hands were so rough, so hard, so callused. I wonder how he can even feel the skin on these babies. But he does. Oh, he does. Maybe with his heart, but he feels them.

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