Monday, August 12, 2013

Peering Out Cautiously


It's me again.  I figured you might wonder what in the heck happened over here.  No, I'm not dead.

I'm a MASSAGE THERAPIST!  Almost all licensed and everything.  So far, I'm 'certificated' (I got my certificate from finishing my program) AND 'certified' (meaning that I passed the National Exam, and so, have been certified).  I am not yet licensed because ... I'm lazy?  I need to get fingerprinted/background checked, and then I need to submit paperwork.  Gah.  I hates paperwork.

Would you like to hear what it's like to become a massage person?  From the inside perspective?  And what it's like for a family to deal with the mom/wife being a music teacher, but adding full-time school?  And trying to figure out what to do NOW?

I think I might tell that story.  It's kind of interesting, in a very "lavender-scented lotion and Enya-background-music" kind of way. By the way, I suspect  there is such a thing as Enya poisoning. My little safety tip to you.


smalltownme said...

"I am not dead yet
I can dance and I can sing
I am not dead yet
I can do the Highland Fling"

Sorry! I recently saw Spamalot and I couldn't resist.
I'd love to hear your tales.

Janelle West said...

Can't wait to read the full story :)

Daniel said...


Ilyanna Kreske said...

I would love to hear the inside scoop. I get massages on a rather irregular basis and would love to know what is going on at the other end of the hands.